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A bored doggo isn’t a happy doggo. This is a cute goofy little alligator toy that is durable and super plush. It is the perfect toy for any pup that needs a new surprise. It’s vibrant color choices give an exciting play arrangement for you while playing with your pup. It last a long time, but not too long before a super chewer can get to it’s innards.


goDog Gators Squeaker Dog Toy With Chew Guard Technology

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Takes A Lickn' Without It Rippn'

I feel this products quality is amazing. It is lightweight for smaller dogs but also gives the floppy and plush feel to it. It’s vibrant colors catch my eye so it is not hard to find when Izzy hides it. The squeak barley feels like it’s in there because it’s so soft, and it’s not too obnoxious. It lasted a long time against me and Izzy’s tug of war matches. But Izzy always finds a way to rip through the stitching and she surely made a mess of the stuffing. I will say that this toy did last among the longest of her toys and she loved it.

Good Price For Some Great Use

I feel this toy is well worth it. The price is  reasonable for its durability. I don’t think any toy will last forever. I will say that it is not chew resistant but Izzy got her fun out of it and i am definitely satisfied with the purchase.

Izzy Says:

I was so excited when my mom gave me this toy, I couldn’t control my tail nub. It was super soft for my gums when I chewed it and it made a great game with my mom. The squeak was great and made a good taunting strategy. I took this toy on many road trips and it always reminded me of home. I got a little too rough with it once I wanted to find where the squeak was coming from. But I would definitely enjoy another one in a different color!

Bella Says:

I enjoyed this toy very much, maybe not as much as Izzy though. It brought a smile to my face to see how much Izzy played with it. Many of her toys are hard and hurt when I step on them but this one was like stepping on a pillow. I would bring it for her when we would travel and she got bored. And she could drag it to the backyard or anywhere because it could be washed. I plan on buying her another one but maybe in a different color!

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