Dog Training Guide

Training your puppy, or dog, can be a very beneficial task for pet owners, AND dogs. Some owners hold the mentality that it is “cruel” or “harsh” to make a dog do what we want as pet parents. This simply is not true. We are the owners of our dogs, and they respect that and follow that in love, with the proper training.

This guide is designed to help any dog owner to develop a solid foundation for making sure your pup knows when you mean business and they respect and trust you.

Remember, training is not a way to satisfy any urges to control a being, but a way to have a mutually beneficial and enjoyable relationship with our loved fur babies.

Step 1: The Foundation

4 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

Before beginning this guide it is important to note that there are 3 crucial keys to success (the RCR). They are repetition, consistency, and reward. If you only implore 1 or 2 of these and leave one out you will have a much bigger challenge in gaining your pup’s trust and respect. Yes, you heard me right, trust and respect. If your dog does not, then they will do what they want, when they want, and not trust and respect that you are the alpha and you are looking out for their best interest. That’s right, you are the alpha.

That being said, let’s get into the 4 foundational commands (the associated hand gesture can be very helpful).

Now that you have this foundation in place everything to follow will be so much easier. At this point your pup should have developed a loving trust and respect for you as the alpha, and any further training you choose to pursue they will be much more likely to get a hold of it quickly.

In the next step we will explore a few more commands that can be useful and alleviate the headaches of a wild child, rogue fur baby, or just entertain and have fun! When released, the following steps will be delivered to your email.

NOTE: This training guide holds the opinions of the writers. You should always adjust your training to your individual dog.